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Thanks for your interest in The Toy Closet.

We s
pecialize in selling original, authentic, unrestored**, and valuable vintage collectibles to customers worldwide. We do list some sport related items from time to time, but our main interest and expertise is in the non sports collectible area.   The owner has been collecting items since he was in Junior High, and has the experience in this industry that you can trust.  He wants the name The Toy Closet to become a name that can be trusted, so if there are any questions, please shoot him a question.  ** Restoration has taken place with some items The Toy Closet lists in it's auctions, in these rare instances, it will be clearly marked as such.

Here is a little more about the owner of The Toy Closet.  His name is Brian, and he have been an avid collector for most of his life.  The Toy Closet is young in idea, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have the experience to back it up. He have been collecting things since he was 9 years old, which gives him over 20 years of experience in this industry. He was the only kid at Christmas, who didn't open his toys, but rather displayed them in his closet.  He may have been a boring child, but his boring childhood is your greatest asset when deciding where to purchase your collectible needs. He hopes you will learn that this store is a place where you can make purchases with trust and confidence.    Finally, his business is a Powerseller on Ebay, and has been with that service since 2000 (Username "Thetoycloset_com"), developing relationships with new customers everyday, in the United States, and throughout the World. His store strives to only give the 5 Star Experience, which is the only acceptable standard offered to his customers when conducting business with his store. 

He will be adding extra features over the next few months, so come back regularly.

You can contact him at:
Brian@thetoycloset.com - email